From Ouch to 5k

Elin joined us as a Personal Training client. She was 39 and in pain, overweight and determined to do what it took to feel better again. She couldn't walk 500m before her back seized up.


She was in pain with a history of disc prolapse. Coach Aly got her to the point where the pain disappeared but with the knowledge of how to take care of herself so it wouldn't happen again.


After she was no longer in pain, she was ready to tackle her weight. Following our Nutrition programme, Elin lost over 4kg and 19 centimeters in her body in just 4 short weeks, and was able to complete the 5km run Standard Chartered Run!

Elin is currently training for a 10 km race.

Elin Averud

42, Norwegian living in Singapore

Mum to a 12 and 7 year old.

Wants to feel stronger and to fit in her clothes again.

At 61, Susan was concerned about the extra weight she was carrying, and feeling inflexible. Her goal was to be healthy and strong as she aged.


With a torn ACL in her knee, she didn't want an intense type of workout. So we did a month of Personal Training so she could get confident in her abilities to join the group classes.


Within the first month:

  • her belly reduced in size (as is apparent in the photo). And she lost 26 centimeters around her body.

  • She lost 1.6kg

  • She lost 4% body fat!


61, Brit living in Singapore

12 Weeks to increased strength and toned abs and arms

Bronwyn was an ex client who rejoined us in the Amazing 12 programme. She wanted to see where she could get results that would get her toned. The Amazing 12 is a semi private programme which delivers amazing body transformations in just 12 weeks.


After having completed her initial membership with us, Bronwyn went back to walking daily but missed the strength training aspect she knew was important. She joined the 12 week Amazing 12 Express programme where she trained 3/week, and had a Nutrition plan (that included carbs!).


She gained an amazing tone in her body especially in her abs and arms. Not only that but her strength few so much that her teenage sons were impressed with her results.

Bronwyn says "Wow! Definitely toned up! Which was exactly what I was after. Thank you, I could not have done it without you"

Bronwyn Teagle

59, Australian living in Singapore

We combine Pilates, Strength Training and Nutrition coaching to help women love how they look and feel

We are the only pilates studio in Singapore that has a dedicated 12 week programme to help get you stronger, leaner without getting injured in a typical huge bootcamp.

  • Lose belly fat

  • Get stronger and have more energy

  • Clothes will fit again, love what you see in the mirror

  • Be able to participate with friends and family without getting left behind

What Clients Say About Our Pilates and Strength Training

FitNut Loft is a very amazing Pilates Studio. All instructors are professional and help you to reach your goals. It's great when you can feel that your body gets stronger 💪. Thank you to Aly and her great team.FitNut Loft is a very amazing Pilates Studio. All instructors are professional and help you to reach your goals. It's great when you can feel that your body gets stronger 💪. Thank you to Aly and her great team.


Gabriele Baumgärtel

50+ Austrian

Jane Doe

Thank you for the wonderful experience, this was my first Pilates reformer class and I loved every session of it for the past 3 months. The studio is stunning and well kept. Pilates Reformer is challenging but fun. Discovering strength I never knew existed at this age is empowering.Thank you once again!


Rina Labitad

40s+ Filipina

Jane Doe

Love How You Look And Feel

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