Pregnancy and Beyond

Pilates when you’re pregnant helps support all three trimesters, preparing you for a natural drug free birth (if that’s your plan). Not just strength work, but movement, stretching, relaxation and visualisation are also included. The aim is to release and open the body in time for birth. Perfect for pilates first timers, it is safe, as Long as the mum doesn’t fall into a high risk group (many IVF attempts, miscarriages, twins or more, placenta Previa, IUGR).

After delivery pilates helps to rehabilitate your body regardless if you had a vaginal or cesarean delivery. The process starts deep within you, and we get you to reconnect your muscles. You can also expect to get stronger (helpful for lifting the ever growing baby); to enjoy some stretches where you need it most, to release any myofascial tension in your body, and perhaps most important – for you to get an hour to concentrate on yourself.

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