Nutrition Coaching

Pilates exercisesWould you give me a year to change your life and habits, and “see” you online Everyday?As a certified Nutrition Coach with Precision Nutrition (PC), and Via ProCoach, their online coaching tool, I can do just that.

What is a habit based programme? It’s a programme that focuses on repeating small, short term daily actions to work towards a Long term goal. We layer these habits every two weeks.

Often, we hear clients say “I know what I should do, but I don’t do it”. No matter how much clients Know, or how much they want to change, only consistent daily action creates change.

It’s not a diet plan, it’s not a set of rules, and it’s not a one size fits all. It’s a set of principles, and why nutritional choices work

principles such as :

– Testing whether particular choices are appropriate for a given goal
– Create informed hypotheses about what to do next
– Using evidence and experience to guide decision making
– Monitoring progress and adjusting behaviour as needed
– Building consistency and repeatable systems for making good choice

As your Coach, I will then guide and support you via online communication. I will give you strategies through blocks and setbacks. And I’ll help you solve your problems and set your goals.

Sound good? There are three ways you can sign up for Nutrition Coaching :
1. If you’re holding a fitness class package with us, then you can add Nutrition Coaching on as an add-on extra
2. If you aren’t working out with us and live in Singapore, or anywhere else in the world, you can sign up for pure FitNut Nutrition.
3. Finally, coming soon (May 2017)! You can have coaching and exercises online! Everyday you’ll get an exercise card which you can carry by yourself.

I was a PN client, and these habits helped me organise my eating habits. I felt supported by my coach, and our private facebook page was a great place to go if I was feeling frustrated, or wanted to share my small “wins”. Quick fixes don’t work. We all know that. This year Long programme will set you up for life.

Sign up now via our app.


Precision Nutrition, a Canadian company, trains fitness Instructors worldwide in their methods to become Nutrition Coaches. FitNut Loft is not affiliated to Precision Nutrition in any way. But I use their online software, which is only available to a limited number of certified Precision Nutrition Coaches. So, the look and feel of the software is Precision Nutrition, but I (Aly from FitNut Loft) am your coach. They provide awesome support to all of us Coaches, so that we can help you get through this year with the best results possible.