FitNut Loft Definition : Fit – partaking in physical exercise because, you know, exercise is pretty good for you right?

Nut – Yes we love nuts, but this is for Nutrition. What you eat and choose to fuel your body with.

So how about we put it together? The exercises are centred around Pilates, but also stuff that is kinda old school but they’ve stuck around for a reason – because they are effective. You know what I’m talking about – gimme some weights, squats and push ups.

Nutrition coaching is done online and takes a year. I hear you gasp in horror. Okay let me ask you :- all those quick fix diets you’ve done, the juices, the fast, the calorie counting – have they stuck? Let’s dial it down and spend a year learning new habits that will stick.

We work with anyone but if you had to ask us about our speciality it would be everything related to women. The struggles of losing weight, menopause, getting pregnant, coming back to exercise after the baby’s born, and also breast cancer. Raise your hand if this is you (I’m raising my hand).

Large groups aren’t our style. We like it cosy that way you can’t sneak in a bad alignment without your instructor fixing it. You won’t be in a class that has more than 4 people and we like it that way