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Welcome to FitNut Loft

While we are crazy proud of this, we know that we are more than a pilates studio. You see, that's because our goal is for our clients to get results. And most of our clients are women who :

Want to be pain free, strong and confident about themselves so they can look in the mirror and say "hell Yeah! You look good!". They also want to be around for a very long time and want to make sure that they are in the best shape of their lives so they can be around to enjoy it with their families and friends.

Instead of moaning about feeling old, do you too want to be a fitter, stronger, leaner, and more energized version of your current self? 
Watch our Fit Nutters in action!
Fitness. Nutrition. Pilates.
Honestly. We are over the strive for "perfection" in our 40s and beyond right? But, we do want to Look Good, Feel Good, Be strong and even have our friends gape at our toned arms! Our winning trifecta will guarantee this. 
Increase your strength with weight training, which will help build muscle and burn fat for up to 36 hours! The perfect anti ageing tool!
So much of losing weight is behaviour change. Join our Nutrition Coaching and get solid good habits that will last a lifetime - NEVER diet again.
Sure, we work your core (do you know where it is??) but our pilates programme is designed to eliminate the pain in your knees, shoulders, ankle... poof. Gone. 
Join our Fit Nutters community
We have fun! And we work hard. If you have an injury and want training designed especially for you then we'll get you in Private training first. Here are our group classes : 
FitNut Circuit - our signature class combines weight circuits and pilates for superior results (strength, lose cms, more energy)
FitNut Jungle - a suspension based training which uses body weight and is designed for max strength
FitNut Cardio - a circuit type class which combines cardio-trampolining on reformer and floor work. Not for beginners!
FitNut Release - more rehabilitative, myofascial release and gentle mat pilates. Great to release tight spots.
FitNut Mat - we use lots of fun props to challenge you. When you walk out you'll go "aaaah... I feel great!".
FitNut Reformer - most popular pilates equipment, you'll get superior core control.
How to get started?
1) Book a call with us. 
2) During the call we'll explain how we work with clients and book you in for a consultation.  
3) Meet for the consultation
During the consultation we'll review your health and fitness goals in detail, figure out your roadblocks, and work with you to plan a programme for you to reach your goals. 
4) Become a Fit Nutter!
Here's what our Fit Nutters have to say about working with us :
"I love the small community of Fit Nutters, it feels personal. There's also the perfect choice of classes, and the coach's are very skilled. I've seen a huge improvement in my strength and overall wellbeing. I give them 10/10!"
Caroline Cook
Ex Nurse / Mum, 40s, love to play tennis and walk her dog, mum to 2 teens - works out with her 18 year old daughter
"FitNut Loft has this happy "can do" vibe. I so look forward to coming I would come everyday if I could! I feel stronger and so much happier in myself. I rate them 10/10!"
Penny Hall
Dentist, 50s. Mum to 3 teenageers, loves golfing with family and friends. Penny is a Reformer kinda gal
FitNut Dudes!
Most of our Fit Nutters are women. But there is a growing population of men who love pilates! So we don't turn the Dudes down!  They do pilates, Jungle and weights - as demonstrated by Winni and Jasjit here.
"I love the variety of the workouts it has everything I have been looking for. I am more aware of my core again, so already feeling stronger. I give them 10/10!"
Charlotte Woodrow (seated on the left)
Teacher, in her 30s, mum to 3,  with her friend Jenny who she brought in to join us!
"Since working with FitNut Loft I have less back pain and stiffness. I'm working on my pull ups within a tailored programme. Just do it! I give them 11/10!"
Li-Hwei Yeo
Works in finance, mum to 2 girls in her 40s, Loves Jungle classes (bordering obsessive ;) 
FitNut Loft are...
Aly Khairuddin, Founder, Head Coach
Aly started FitNut Loft with over 10 years experience especially in women's health. She's a STOTT certified pilates instructor, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition 2 Coach, Online Coach. Aly is Faculty for The Center For Women's Fitness and conducts teacher certification here in Singapore. She's also a breast cancer survivor who helps other survivors with mobility and weight loss. She used to sing in a band (AC/DC covers!), loves making pasta from scratch, and adores her cats (and her family of course). 

Ali Perkins, Senior Coach
Ali joined FitNut Loft as a Pilates Coach in November 2018. Ali is a matwork pilates instructor certified with PAI and Studio Pilates International and a fitness instructor (FIA Fitnation, Australia). She is also a university-qualified nutritionist and public health promoter and is passionate about empowering people to lead healthier lives through movement and eating delicious healthy food. When not busy with her two young children, you can find Ali searching for new recipes or planning their next family getaway, which likely includes an opportunity to (try to!) surf.
Agnieszka Nosek, Coach
Energetic certified ACE Personal Trainer and IFAA Fitness Instructor with many years’ experience with strong background in pilates, total body conditioning, abdominals and core, functional training, fit ball training, circuit training, choreography on step and dance on every level from Poland. Highly motivated to help others to reach their health and fitness goals. Passionate of fitness, running and dance. Very happy when can see that people become happier and their well-being is improved after fitness sessions. Privately mum of 4 years old twin girls busy with planning their free time and having fun with them.
Amelia Tan, Coach
Amelia recently joined FitNut Loft as a Pilates Coach in January 2020. Apart from being certified as a Pilates Mat Instructor (PAI), she also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sport and Exercise Science. She has always been passionate about sports and physical activity. In her free time, she loves to participate in sport climbing, diving, wakeboarding as well as occasional hikes!
Claire Lui, Super Admin
A semi retired mum to 2 young adults, Claire is a self proclaimed Couch Potato! But, she has been inspired by all the clients to get more active and fit. Besides window shopping, Claire loves K-dramas and K-pop (perhaps she'll get down with some of their dance moves!) Claire helps keep FitNut Loft Super organised and her efficiency knows no bounds.
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