What is pilates?

Pilates is a physical system of movement and exercise developed by Joseph Pilates over 70 years ago.

Why should I do pilates?

Normally people discover pilates because they’ve had an injury that needs to be rehabilitated, or they have been instructed by a doctor to “strengthen their core” for their bad back/knee/hip. Pilates helps you with everything you do in your life, you become more self aware and you get to funnel your strength properly instead of getting stronger parts of your body to help you out.

Can I do pilates if I have an injury?

If you’re in acute pain, then it’s best you get that treated before seeing a pilates instructor. But when you’re in the rehab stage, then yes pilates may be able to help you.

Can I do pilates if I'm pregnant?

Most definitely! Pilates can support your three trimesters and beyond.

Can I do pilates if I have cancer?

It will depend on what stage you’re at and what treatment you’re currently going through. Pilates can certainly help support you through your journey.

Can pilates help me lose weight?

Losing weight, or fat, is determined by an equation of what you consume vs how much you burn. You shouldn’t realise on any exercise solely on it’s own merits for losing weight, but you will need to also look at your nutrition, and what you’re eating.

Can I get a good workout doing pilates?

Pilates can be gentle or hard work. It all depends on the individual – their current fitness level, health, capability and needs. People love pilates for all the feel good movements, but rest assured that this is not easy stuff. You can also get an excellent cardio vascular workout on the cardio tramp and the circuit classes at the Loft.

What should I wear?

Clothes you’d exercise in and feel comfortable in. Please wear socks as we like to keep things hygienic.

What should I expect at my first lesson?

Please come 15 minutes early to fill in some forms. You can wait downstairs until the instructor is ready to see you. Then, the instructor will find out as much as she can about you and why you’re there. You’ll have an assessment, seeing your posture in a static position and also while you move. The instructor will likely get you to move on the mat and equipment. This is to see where your body is in a weakened position and will give her great clues to how to tailor make your future pilates sessions.

Should I do Solo or Quartet Classes?

If you’ve never done pilates before then it’s best you take at least 3 Solo classes. You’ll need to get a good grasp of the basics, as pilates is taught in a manner that you probably have never experienced before. Example : Instead of saying “do an ab crunch” the instructor may cue you in this manner : “Lie down, feel your ribs on the floor getting heavy. Ensure your lower back isn’t jammed into the mat, and rest your hands by your side. Bend your knees, placing your feet hip distance apart. Inhale, and nod your head slightly, exhale and feel your tummy muscles drop and at the end of the exhalation, bring your head and upper back off the floor as you reach your hands towards your feet”. See? That’s why solo’s are a good idea!

Can I do a circuit class?

Circuit classes are designed to be semi self regulated. This is because each of the 4 participants will be on a different apparatus. There is only one instructor, and she will definitely be layering and ensuring each participant knows what they have to do, but as she doesn’t have 4 pairs of eyes and hands, the participants will need to be relatively confident of using the apparatus without constant supervision. So, not for beginners to pilates.

Why don't you work on Sundays or Public holidays?

This is a small boutique studio, and we are women with families and like you, we enjoy our time off work. We also take holidays, because without them we wouldn’t be able to be a good coach and instructor.

What is your nutrition coaching?

Check out our nutrition page for all the info you need. This is a cool one year online coaching platform.

Why should I see you and not another pilates studio?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t go to other studios! I know many, many of the instructors in Singapore and I’d like to think we have an awesome relationship and I respect these instructors highly. We all have our strengths. In fact, if I think you’re better suited with someone else I’ll have no hesitation in referring you on to another instructor I trust and respect.

What is FitNut Loft's strengths?

Women! Especially pre natal, post natal, breast cancer, menopause, and general fitness and nutrition.

Do you teach children?

I’ll take a small number of teenagers a year. At the moment, I do not have group classes and only see them on a private (solo) basis.

How do I book and pay for classes and packages?

Please click on My App or Book Now

Do you teach men?

I certainly can!

What are your studio rules?

Socks always, if you forget them you can buy them for $25 at the Loft.

Please don’t be more than 15 minutes late for a class, if you’re late you’ll be expected to jump in and cause minimal disruption to the class.

Please arrive a few minutes early, place your shoes in the shoe bench, and head upstairs when it’s time for your class.

Personal belongings (apart from shoes) belong upstairs in the changing room.

Each class is 55 minutes long

Please spray everything you’ve used with our blend of tea tree oil and water, and wipe off. We like to keep our stuff nice and clean!

After spraying please tidy your area and put the props away

What if I'm not well?

Simple rule to follow – if you have something that can spread and make others unwell, please stay at home as no one wants to be ill. Stay home rest, and get better soon, we’ll be waiting for you.

What are your cancellation policies ?

If you can’t make a class, please give us 24 hours notice. If you don’t then we will have to book you in for the class. We are serious about your fitness and health, so by making a booking with us you’re also making a promise of commitment to yourself.

How far in advance can I book a class?

Classes can be booked up till 2 hours before a class, but solo classes need to be booked in 12 hours before.

Will quartet classes be cancelled if no one is booked in?

If there is no one up to 2 hours before the class is scheduled to start, then the class will be cancelled. As long as there is one person attending, the class will continue.